Will Freudenheim 
Christina Lu
Dalena Tran studio projects 2023

AI and Embodied Simulation: If embodiment is intrinsic to both natural and artificial intelligences, then how do simulations mediate between virtual and physical interactions? How might toy world simulations allow for both new forms of training in bounded domain an open world scenarios, and also new forms of collaborative interactions between different human and computational agents?

Critically Extant

multi-channel video 

Kunsthal KAdE

Sound design for Entangled Others Studio

Surface Tension

audio fiction


Embodied Ambitopias is an ongoing world building project by Liminal Vision (Victor Evink aka Sxmbra and Emilia Tapprest (NVISIBLE.STUDIO), that explores the tensions emerging in three datafied world systems that emanate from different affective atmospheres, values and political and economic paradigms. 

Situated in 2041, the audio fiction piece “Surface Tension” is an instance from one of these worlds. 
Sound design by Daphne Xanthopoulou

DANU Bodies of Water

immersive multi-media performance
Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space 8k

Water is all around and inside us: it is ubiquitous and multifaceted. The observation of our watery body at the microscale explicitly showcases the microcosm (individual), the macrocosm (environment) and their interaction. Metaphorically speaking, we compare the individual with a droplet, which in conjunction with other droplets, conform the vast ocean that is humanity. As such, every singular intervention crucially influences the dynamics of the whole ecosystem.

Performance: Alejandra Benet, Ariathney Coyne, Lucia Mauri
Visuals: Sara Koniarek, Linaá Pulido Barragán, Maria Dirneder
Music and sound design: Daphne Xanthopoulou
Curators: Damian Cortes, Smirna Kulenovic
Costumes: Julia Moser

6-11.12.21on d*sign and p—litics

podcast, webpage

The Servus D*sign Week is a series of conversations about design and its critical implications.

A project by: - Kunst und Kultur in Netz
In cooperation with: Radio FRO, Potato Publishing
Organized by: Gabriela Gordillo, Davide Bevilacqua
Graphic concept and webdev: Juan Pablo Linares
Sound design: Daphne Xanthopoulou (Cachichi)



3D installation

Concept, 3D: Balint Budai
Sound: Daphne Xanthopoulou

Exhibited at the group show

Experience Near Death Experience
The Wrong Biennale by room69

Opened on November 1st, 2021
at. new art pavillion

view 3D gallery~

Animated short

Directed by Ruben F Stremiz
Music By Daphne Xanthopoulou
Animation R. F. Stremiz / Máximo Ponz
Idea and realization: R. F Stremiz
Production: Victoria Farina
Year: 2020

Official Selection / 2021 - ROS Film Festival
Official Selection / 2021 - ESMoA Video Art + Film Festival
Official Selection / 2021 - Anonimul International Independent Film Festival
Official Selection / 2020 - Cineminuto Córdoba Official Selection / 2020 - BIT BANG Fest


Construcción de un microcosmo en plato

Embodied Cinema

àngels barcelona

Construcción de un microcosmo en plato is a situation game that sits the public at the table, opening up a world before their eyes which had, up until then, remained hidden behind the kitchen doors. Six members of the audience, previously invited to attend, take part in a composition where the plate on the table becomes a projection space, not only of the workforce, but of an entire collection of images, human relations, mechanical processes, food alchemy, and creativity.

By Laura Veraguas and Myriam Fernández Barnosell.
With the participation of the Iradier Barcelona team, Angels Barcelona, Anita Banano, Ana Drucker and live sound by Cachichi (Daphne Xanthopoulou and Błażej Kotowski). Realized in Àngels Gallery, Barcelona, 2019.