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Sonic Utopias

Interactive Sound Installation
Ars Electronica Festival 2021

Sonic Utopias is based on the first season of a sonic futuring podcast with the same name originally produced for Stegi Radio, by the Onassis Foundation, Athens (GR). It is a transdisciplinary, collaborative sonic futuring practice that allowed me and my colleagues to listen, engage with, and collectively move towards futures of ecosocial healing.  
Within the framework of sonic divination, our futuring narratives take the form of audio fictions that are enacting instructions for and prophecies from alternative futures.

In the installation, five seashells enact models of communal futures, while the sand refers to the childlike practice of building sandcastles; a metaphor for the necessity of world-building in frail times.

Giannis Galiatsos 
Flomaria Papadaki
Agelos Pascalidis aka Agatha
Yuri Tuma and the Institute of Post-Natural Studies 
João Pedro Fonseca 
Faun Collective
Giulia Deval 
Ekin Bozkurt 
Julia del Río 
and Jassem Hindi whose very voice you can also hear right now as you scroll down this webpage.