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Interactive performance
La Cera 13, Barcelona, 2019

Embodying the tarot card of The Temperanca, the artist creates a cut-up poetry generator, where the water itself is writing a poem that never repeats. The artist poses a question, and the water gives the answer. As the flow of the liquid is initiated, the electrical circuit between two vessels of water equipped with a capitative sensor is closed. As long as the flow continues, words are randomly selected from a audio corpus of prerecorded samples. The performance is over when all the words are uttered. The artist then inspects the cut-up created by the water and extracts a divination from segments of the textual corpus that subjectively make the most sense. The divination that comes out of the performance turns into a poem: Where body is Walls, Be Water. Stemming from a poem written with the same method, published in Golfo Poetry Mag #2.