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Invoking Angels

Participatory performance
Sonic Territories Festival

A call on the angels nestled in our personal computing devices; a participatory performance that augments the encounter between our electronic devices in situ, transfirguring technological assemblages into scores for collective composition; Through electromagnetic sound, they tell the story of all different stages of the production of a cell phone, from raw materials mining to the purchase of the final product and personal use: drilling and excavating machines noises, stones cascading into haulage trucks, explosions, crushing and grinding and digging, sounds of metals and stones and glass and heavy things moving around and the sounds of engines. Yet also earcons, notification sounds, jingles, ringtones, startup sounds, auditory cues produced by software applications and user interfaces, designed to alert of specific events or activities on our devices. These are the sounds that comprise the digital soundscape of our lives: ethereal, pleasant, funny, abstract, gamified, yet industrial, uncomfortable, noisey, earthly.