Wirtshaus Secrets (2020-currently)) is a small imprint that has
undertaken the task to publish, document and archive the work of sound
artists and experimental musicians based in Linz, Austria.
Coordinated by Błażej Kotowski and Daphne Xanthopoulou.

During 2022-2023, with a curatorial focus on hybrid practices that develop
in the intersection of sound art and contemporary critical discourse,
Wirtshaus Secrets is hosting an artists-in-residency program that aims at
introducing artists based in Barcelona to the artistic scene of Upper Austria,
carried out with the support of the Linz Import fund of Linz Kultur.


Mar 2023 | Symbiotic Love | Wirtshaus Secrets x Sonic Territories | Vienna

Dec 2022 - Mar 2023 | Las Matas x Alejandro Quiñones Roa & Sara Piñeiros | Wirtshaus Zur Schießhalle | Linz

Oct 2022 | Exhibition | Atelier Salzamt |
– Kulturelle Sonderförderprogramme der Stadt Linz

May 2022 | Workshop | Aouch Lab | Joana Moher | Wirtshaus Zum
Schießhalle, Linz

May 2022 | Concert | Fome Bruta | bb15 Artspace, Linz

June 2022 | Workshop | Relational Listening | Julio Cesar Palacios

June 2022 | Concert | Bio DATA - X, Mutz Uris | Tresor, Linz

April 2021 | Error Duel Assembly | Atelierhaus Salzamt | Linz

June 2020 | Wirtshaus Secrets Release Party | Wirtshaus Zur Schießhalle | Linz